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griefPuppy is a plush companion griefKit (a stuffed animal with a workbook).  A tactile transitional tool to help people cope with grief over the death of a pet.

  • Has a zippered belly compartment that holds a microwaveable heat pack to help calm and soothe the griever, nurture the soul. The heat pack will also give weight and fullness to the griefPets.
    Includes a heart frame on the chest to hold a photo of the beloved pet and a hidden pocket to hold precious mementos.
  • The griefKit is complete with a workbook/journal written by a licensed therapist to work the griever through the stages and process of grief, writing down memories and emotions as a way of honoring your pet and the special bond you shared.
  • You can add your pet's collar to the neck of your griefpet.
  • Great for families with children needing support after pet-loss.